Mike's EV Ramblings

I am, or have become a crazed, but realist, EV owner.
After speeding many years lusting after a Tesla Model S, a Nissan Leaf came into my life
I say I’m a realist EV owner because I don’t believe that EV ownership should be a compromise. I make no concessions to the limited battery in the Leaf, never drive in ECO and always use max regen braking.
In short, I don’t …..
  1. … build trees on the Leaf dashboard
  2. … track my driving history with Nissan Carwings
  3. … ever use ECO
  4. … bother using the energy meter
  5. … shy away from mashing the power away from lights
This means that …..
  1. … I love driving electric. Even the lowly Leaf is great fun to drive.
  2. … never get tired of commuting with single pedal driving in silence
  3. … love charging at home and conversely never visiting a gas station
  4. … I never tire of a stink-free garage
  5. … I will never own another internal combustion engined car