Mike's EV Ramblings

Charging time

It seems that every time I read an article about driving electric, the time to charge is raised. That apart from the other “range” one.
Thing is, most of these articles are not written by owners. Just by reviewers who miss the point.
Actually, there are two really important points they are completely missing…..

First is that most EV owners have some form of charging capability at home.
You drive home and plug in. The following morning you fall charged (or whatever state of charge you set) EV is waiting for you to drive all over again.
Its like having a stench free gas station in your garage.
Even the folks who charge from a 110V wall socket can do this to some extent, but that depends on what your daily use is.
But obviously, the important bit is that – so as long as your daily use is within the capabilities of your car, you are never waiting to “fill up”.
Which means is faster than waiting around for your gas car to fill up.
Are you waiting there?
Nope, I’m sleeping.
Second part is using some of those charging stations that a getting more and more common (except in Austin apparently).
One of the movie theaters in our area has a bunch of places to plug in. So you can drive there, plug in, the watch a movie while your EV gets between 50-70 miles of charge.
Are you waiting there?
Didn’t think so.
Nope – waiting for a charge is one of those things that the vast majority of EV drivers don’t do.
But for a driver brought up to think that the only model for filling up is to drive somewhere, then hearing that it takes hours upon hours to charge seems crazy.
Until they try it for real.
Inevitably there are some circumstances where there will be a wait. But that is for a future prattling.