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Charging time

It seems that every time I read an article about driving electric, the time to charge is raised. That apart from the other “range” one.
Thing is, most of these articles are not written by owners. Just by reviewers who miss the point.
Actually, there are two really important points they are completely missing….. Read More…

Range ?

Just read a really interesting article about EV driving/battery range over on one of my goto sites Cleantechnica (opens in new tab).
Zach always writes interesting stuff and this one is no exception. It has lots of charts and graphs and makes extremely valid points.
But I think he misses the main reason folks talk about range. Read More…

Range? Part deux

My last post was concerning an article I read on CleanTechnica that more range wan’t really needed.
I had too much to say and too little space to say it, so here are some more thoughts on why more range is a requirement for the wider acceptance of electric vehicles to happen.
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